Forehead Lines & Crow’s Feet

Problem: Forehead Lines & Crow’s Feet

Solution: Botox and Dermal Fillers for Men and Women

When we’re in our teens and twenties, maybe even our thirties, crow’s feet are only temporary. These little lines appear at the outer corners of the eyes when we laugh or squint. They appear because the skin and superficial tissue bunch up when muscles move a certain way. When we rest the face, the lines disappear. When the dermis gets depleted of collagen and elastin sometime during our thirties or forties, the lines that were once only temporary become etched. Botox is a great solution for crow’s feet. A couple of injections will keep the muscles around the edges of the eyes from contracting strongly and, within about a week, crow’s feet will be smooth.

The lines etched on our forehead from constant movement, too much sun exposure, etc can cause us to prematurely age and look tired. Botox relaxes those muscles for a smooth forehead and slight brow lift for a refreshed, well-rested appearance.