Case #5 AACD Direct Bonded Veneers

Meridian, ID Dentist

A 16 year old patient accompanied by her mother, presented for a Smile Analysis.

The patient recently had her braces removed and was referred to me by her orthodontist.

The patient realized post-orthodontically, that there were cetain aspects of her smile she still wished to improve upon; discoloration, asymmetries, surface damage and tooth angulation.

The patient’s cosmetic issues involved fluorosis and tooth size/shape discrepancies. The facial surfaces of the anteriors had been marred by acid erosion from sucking on lemons. The laterals were slightly flared and of a less than ideal shape. The incisal embrasure between the centrals was quite large. Asymmetries in length and shape were apparent and contributed to the appearance of a slight reverse smile line.

It was determined the patient’s smile could be improved through cosmetic dental procedures. The treatment would consist of eight direct bonded veneers and would address each of her concerns listed above.

The goal of this patient’s plan was to improve her smile which would enhance her overall appearance and increase her self-confidence.


A composite layering technique to achieve natural aesthetics, was combined with proper finishing protocols to accomplish the smile enhancement desires by this young patient. Free-handed direct restorative techniques offers the patient another conservative treatment modality for the solution of many restorative and aesthetic dental needs.