Case #3 AACD Bridge

Meridian, ID Dentist

Recent advancements in dental materials allows for the replacement of the single missing maxillary anterior tooth with improved durabiity, strength and natural appearing aesthetics. A deficient residual alveolar ridge and asymmetries due to the loss of alveolar bone and the attached tissue contribute to aesthetic challenges. This report will demonstrate the delivery of an aesthetic three-unit bridge and a single veneer.

A 51 year old professional female presented for routine care. She had never liked her Maryland bridge which replaced her right front central incisor. An “attractive” smile had become increasingly important to her as she deals with the public routinely in her profession. The interproximal discoloration was unattractive to her and she wanted to learn of the options available to improve her smile.
Overall, the patient was interested in brightening her smile and correcting the uneven edges of her four anterior incisors.
The patient considered two treatment plans:

  1. periodontal surgery (ridge augmentation), one implant and 3 crown/veneers
  2. three-unit Maryland bridge and one veneer

The patient opted for the Maryland Bridge with an ovate pontic and a single veneer. Her treatment goals included:

  • desires very light teeth but to maintain a natural quality
  • enhance her smile line
  • develop more symmetry in her s mile, straight and white
  • replace her bridge with something more attractive
  • wants her four front teeth to blend with her natural dentition


Beautiful porcelain restorations returned this patient’s smile to one of improved harmony and aesthetics. How fortunate we are, to have a variety of restorative materials available to provide natural life-like beauty to enhance durability without compromising the aesthetics.