5 Ways Poor Oral Hygiene Can Impact Your Life

It’s absolutely essential that you take good care of your gums and teeth.

There are very few people who actually know just how important good oral health is on your overall health. The mouth is the ultimate gateway into your body, so any bacteria from your mouth can travel to other parts of your body and put you at risk for other conditions and diseases.

So what does this mean for your overall health and well-being? It means a lot, and here are some of the most serious effects of poor dental hygiene on your body.

1. Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke

Individuals who suffer from some type of periodontal disease are twice as likely to be diagnosed with heart disease and narrowing of the arteries that is caused by plaque and bacteria that enters the body through the gums.

This bacteria has the ability to clog arteries and increase your risk of a severe heart attack. The blood vessel that sends blood to your brain can become clogged and increase your risk of suffering from a stroke as well.

2. Risk of Suffering from Dementia

If you have poor oral hygiene and it causes you to suffer from tooth loss, this could lead to potential loss of memory which can then lead to dementia. There are substances which are inflammatory in nature that can cause parts of your brain to die.

3. Respiratory Conditions

If you suffer from periodontal disease, bacteria has the potential to travel into your bloodstream and into your lungs where it can have a direct impact on your respiratory system. It puts you at a greater risk of suffering from acute bronchitis or chronic pneumonia according to studies performed by the Journal of Periodontology.

4. Risk of Diabetes

Studies have shown that more than 95% of the individuals who live in the United States that have diabetes also have some form of periodontal disease or loss of teeth.

If you’re someone that suffers from diabetes, you are more likely to contract certain infections. Diabetes can also directly impact a person’s ability to control their levels of blood sugar.

5. Risk of Cancer

Many experts have researched the subject of individuals with periodontal disease and their risk of being diagnosed with cancer.

As it turns out, men who suffer from gum disease are almost 50% more likely to be diagnosed with kidney cancer or cancer of the pancreas. They’re also 30% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer within the blood. That’s a great reason to practice good dental hygiene.

Other Serious Issues

If the previous problems didn’t seem bad enough, there are many other diseases and conditions that could occur if you have poor dental hygiene.

  • Infertility problems
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Risk of premature birth

And many, many more…

Dental Problems Related to Poor Oral Hygiene

The physical impacts of poor oral hygiene are many, but so too are the negative consequences you can experience in your mouth.

Plaque buildup and loss of teeth are just the beginning for people that don’t practice good oral health. You can also experience mouth sores, gingivitis, and halitosis. Periodontal disease is also a distinct possibility if you don’t take care of your teeth and gums.